Sunday, April 29, 2012

if you ever come back

I do know somewhere out there really wish you back to them like the old time.
can you just stay with me without the doubt? 

#np if you ever come back-the script

And I wish you could give me the cold shoulder,
And I wish you could still give me a hard time.
And I wish I could still wish it was over,
But even if wishing is a waste of time
Even if I never cross your mind.

I'll leave the door on the latch,
If you ever come back, if you ever come back!
There'll be a light in the hall and a key under the mat.
If you ever come back.
There'll be a smile on my face and the kettle on,
And it will be just like you were never gone. 

I dont want to go like the last time any more. I'll stood stay beside you in whatever it take. 
just don't go back to those people,like the old time. 

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