Monday, April 23, 2012

a lot of problems

1. banyak assignment yang tertanguh. so,what to do? 

2. banyak barang macam nak habis,but my money is getting zero. so how? :o

3. me,become more and more gemukkss.. ouh,feeling a lit suck. wanna to jog around UM but dont have friends want to accompany me. :( 

4. lappy ade problem become blue screen setiap kali me tidak sengaja terhempas lappy ni. ouh,cmonn... just a lit drop. -.- this make me worry enough. -.-

5. Ink printer macam nak habis dah. no money,so no honey. 

a lot of things work with a lot of money. 
you got money then,you settle everything. 
except one thing. you know what? 
it's love. :)


Anonymous said...

Sabar aja lah, nanti juga banyak uang :D

hawa said...

no money,so no honey ^^ dat true :)

nik suzana mat tahir said...

Dede RUkmana : aah,kena sabar jela kan.. huhuh

hawa : yeahhh,that's absolutely true. haha

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